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I’m Offended

On the Privilege of Being Offended

Lately, I have been seeing more than a few news articles about people who are upset because they find something offensive and want it stopped. I think they are being silly at best, and an extreme danger to society as a whole, at worst. Please consider the following items.

Two issues

Number one: The ability to be offended is a privilege available only in a free society. In a totalitarian state such as those that exist in much of the world, if you say or do something that offends someone in power, you may lose your possessions, your freedom, and even your life.

Number two: We must learn from accurate history. If we erase the visible traces of history we deem offensive, then we have blinded those that follow to the very reason we find them offensive in the first place.

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Earthquake Prediction

I’ve been following Dutchsinse for over a year now and I’ve checked some of his earlier work. He has an 80% success rate in predicting earthquakes. That’s better than NOAA predicts hurricanes. You might want to take a look at this video clip.

Bug Out Kit

Here in South Florida, the hurricane season is upon us. With that in mind, I’d like to remind all my friends that even if you live up north or out west, there are lots of things that can happen that might put you in danger. Plan ahead and keep yourself and your family safe. One way is with a bug out kit just in case your home or neighborhood becomes uninhabitable.

This is not designed as a long-term camping solution. Rather, it is intended for a three-day survival pack. The idea is to look innocuous and yet be able to walk to safety without outside support.

Do NOT forget spare glasses and prescription medicines.

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