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Super Summer Sale!

This month only, I’m having a half-price sale on some of my stories. I’d love to see some comments on any of them. Comments, critiques, reviews, and thrown tomatoes are always welcome.

Use the PROMO CODE SSW50 at checkout to get 50% off the retail price of the following tales.

Shibari Sails


Shibari Sails is all about piracy and pleasure in the Caribbean. From Palm Beach to the West End, Vanessa Fullright and her fellow ex-cons, provide unforgettable vacations for wealthy patrons, while trying to avoid watery graves.









Perfect health, longevity, religious intolerance, political expedience, and aliens… all part of colonizing another world.











Uncommon Ground

A terrorist launches multiple attacks with the help of thousands of rats.
An unlikely band of Guardians and their animal friends must be our first line of defense.











Turkey Creek Ghost

A psychotic ex-boyfriend threatens Dani and Ranger Rick in the lush beauty of a state park. Can Abinormal and Grandma Lupe save them?












Tazia Fahn

A dieselpunk swashbuckler with a strong heroine, corrupt cops, gangsters, and airships!


Nuclear Poetry

Back in the early 60s, I found a poem in a SciFi pulp magazine that I loved. I’ve never been able to find it again. But I still recall it to this day.

Now I am Faust and Faust is you
And we, the witches who hailed Macbeth
We have the lightnings of a God
But not his eons, we know death
And we who stand, high above the Earth
On poised, foolhardy feet
That go towards ending
Came from Birth
We wonder sometimes what we do
Besides achieving balance
Faust, I, and the witches
And you

For the last 40 years, that has echoed in the back of my mind. It still has a powerful message for me. I wish I knew what magazine it came from and the poet’s name.

What brought this to mind, you may ask?
This article that just might be life following fiction… the arming of SkyNet.

Earthquake Prediction

I’ve been following Dutchsinse for over a year now and I’ve checked some of his earlier work. He has an 80% success rate in predicting earthquakes. That’s better than NOAA predicts hurricanes. You might want to take a look at this video clip.