Here are a few of our best sellers. If you enjoy one of our tales, please leave a review.

Science Fiction

Multiplarity is an omnibus Space Opera at more than 127 thousand words!

Perfect health, longevity, religious intolerance, political expedience, and aliens… all part of colonizing another world.

Urban Fantasy

Uncommon Ground follows a terrorist as he attacks with the help of thousands of rats.
An unlikely band of Guardians and their animal friends must be our first line of defense.


From the dawn of prehistory to an apocalyptic day after tomorrow, shifters and their friends have been in the background of every historical event. That is the reality of Shifter Shadows.


Tazia Fahn is a dieselpunk swashbuckler with a strong heroine, corrupt cops, gangsters, and airships!

Airship Legacy (coming soon)

Paranormal Romance

Shadows and Shades are the two types of spirits that Inara can see. Can they save her from the curse of loneliness, however?

A psychotic ex-boyfriend threatens Dani and Ranger Rick in the lush beauty of Turkey Creek state park. Can Abinormal and Grandma Lupe save them? And what about the ghost?



Shibari Sails is all about piracy and pleasure in the Caribbean. From Palm Beach to the West End, Vanessa Fullright and her fellow ex-cons, provide unforgettable vacations for wealthy patrons, while trying to avoid watery graves. Click here for Shibari Sails Audiobook or  the Shibari Sails eBook.

Tinkerz Damn is available as either a free online read or an inexpensive audiobook.

Many more tales to come in the near future!