The Hunt: Flash Fiction

Shivering in sodden furs, Koragh stared out of the cave as hurried clouds shed fetid streams.
“The gods must be angry.” His mate whispered from behind as their child suckled. “Can you hunt?”
“We must.” He growled as he hefted the spear, its precious stone tip glistening in the dampness.

The elder Keehog led the way, Koragh followed, and the youngest hunter, Krang trailed behind as they marched downslope, working their way towards the river. None could say who was more surprised to see a figure bending over a bear carcass!
He was covered in dazzling white leathers from head to toe and carried an oddly-shaped shiny black branch. It looked too thin and fragile to be a club.
Krang growled a warning for the stranger to leave, but head down in the rain, the white figure continued staring at the bear.
Elder Keehog gripped his spear, screamed his war cry, and dashed forward.
At the scream, the stranger’s head snapped up and at the very last second, he twisted aside so Keehog’s spear only grazed his arm while the old man slammed into him.
Keehog came back on his feet and raised the spear for a killing thrust. A lightening flash came from the stick and the elder Keehog toppled backwards.
Koragh and Krang stood frozen in horror as the demon in white spun around and pointed the stick their way. His face was a rictus of fear and it looked like he was crying. Holding the stick in one hand, he tapped the side of his head and a bright red spark of light appeared on his wrist. He screamed something and disappeared in a flash of lightening.

That piece is a bit less than 300 words. As I see it, this leaves us with three possibilities.

  1. The stranger is white is a time-traveler from the future.
  2. The stranger is a humanoid alien visiting Earth.
  3. The stranger is a present day human visiting another, more primitive planet.

What do you think? Any other possibilities?

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