Faery Trap

More than a dozen years ago, I wrote a fantasy poem in response to a challenge on an email list. I had forgotten all about it, until I tripped over it while clearing some debris from mail.

I guess that gives me the right to inflict it on you, dear readers.

The Faery Trap

Summer’s eve, warm at dusk
Forest scents, a hint of musk

Dismount my steed so safe, secure
Climb the trail to forest, pure

Radiant lines, sunset’s gift
Red moon rise, spirits lift

Lightning flickers, glowing fen
Thunder distant, above the glen

Walk quietly, yet sure of pace
Moonlit leaves, nature’s face

Pause and rest at tree break line
Oak-ringed meadow, almost time

My leather pouch soft to feel
Inside, a ring of virgin steel

Faery circle beckons near
I step inside, a hint of fear

Cold iron collar left as gift
Glittering chain, hard to lift

Moon comes high, lights faery ring
The breeze is gone, I hear them sing

No lightning now, just dragon flash
Faery fires that leave no ash

All about I hear the Fey
Terror close, mystics play

Diaphanous, a faery girl
Whisper wings, the color pearl

B’tween the shadowed leaves afly
A glitter gift draws her eye

Tiny feet touching light
Kneeling at the magic blight

Steely glow, the collar waits
Around her neck, seals her fate

“Click” it locks, earthly bound
She tries to fly, escape the sound

Chain taut, she cries to feel
Bitter cold, restraining steel

Standing tall, smile my lust
Her moonlit wings fade as dust

Human woman, soft and dear
Chained to earth, full of fear

Eyes are pleading, lips apart
Left behind, a faery heart

Struggles useless, hands are tied
Quiet now, a homeward ride

Struggles hard, inside my keepe
Dungeon room, not meant for sleep

Bent over knee, tied at flank
Thighs high behind, easy spank

Kneeling nude, beside my bed
Once-Fey girl, hair is red

Deep-green eyes open wide
Open arms, my love can’t hide

Passion sounds, soft the skin
Pleasure found, deep within

Lovers feast, fast the night
Lovers spent, dawn’s first light

Naked beauty on windowsill
Staring out at forest hill

Pity wins, I loose the lock
Collar falls, eyes open, shock

Jumping free, her wings regrow
Sparkling white, like moonlit snow

Diaphanous, a faery gleam
Smile, Blink… a dream?

Mother Moon, behind the tree
Father Sun, too bright to see

Elder Knight smiles, faded fears
Dawn’s harsh light, brings tears

Copyright 2005-20017 Anthony Stevens

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