Let me take a moment to remind you that anything you have stored in one place is vulnerable. If you don’t backup your work, sooner or later, you will lose it.

There are backup options available for Macs, PCs, Linux, and Smartphones.

No excuses. Just do it. You’ll thank me later.

You say you don’t know how?┬áHere are a few Backup Options.

Cloud Storage

This is perhaps the easiest to setup and use. A lot of people express concern about storing their data on another computer. My answer is simple. Government agencies, major corporations, and millions of individuals use cloud storage systems every day.

Can cloud storage systems be hacked? Yes.

Is it worth the trouble to hack your individual account? No!

Keep in mind that the companies providing cloud storage have their reputations to maintain. They have some of the best security teams available.

That being said, here are four of the primary cloud storage systems available at this time.

  • The Apple iCloud is available not only for Apple products, but for other systems as well.
  • MicroSoft OneDrive is available for Windows users. Read about it on the Microsoft website.
  • DropBox is my favorite as it runs very well on Apple, Windows, Android, and Linux systems. It can be found at:
  • Google Drive offers 15Gb of free space to anyone with a gmail account. Additionally, it has collaboration tools that you may use with an editor. Login to your gmail account and find it at:

USB Flash Drives (Thumbdrives) and SD cards

These are handy for copying files and storing them locally. Prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years and a 128Gb thumbdrive can be had for under $70.

The downside is that you must remember to copy your project to the drive each time you are done working for the day.

Do NOT depend on storing your work on a single drive!

A good friend lost three month’s of doctoral thesis work when a thumbdrive failed.

External Hard Disk Drives

These are available with the same specifications as your internal hard disk drive. Like thumbdrives and SD cards, you must remember to backup your critical work on a regular basis.


Old school, but some folks still like using them.

In my opinion, they will go the way of 8-track tapes in the next few years.

Now you have no excuse for ever losing a file again.

Good luck!

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